How to download original size photo:



• Go to photos via links on this site.

• Alternatively you can go straight to photo album on to download the photo.

To reach the album you navigate through folders Folder24 until you see the album Album24 you are after:

Fold1 1

Fold2 1

Fold3 1

You click the shortcut to open the album.
Then you navigate via selecting the album's page and scrolling the page with photos up & down::

Alb1 1

After you found the photo you want to download you click download icon located near down right corner of the photo:

Alb2 1

Finally you click "Save File" on the pop-up screen to save the photo on your computer:

Alb2 2

The stored image is located in your Internet browser default download location.
(It is usually <User>/Downloads folder on Windows PCs)



Eleanor hereby grants permission to download and share her photos and to use the photos for all kinds of personal, family and community needs. All photos are available in several sizes – Small, Medium, Large, X1L, X2L, X3L and Original.


Please don't be fooled by a "BUY" button which might incidently appear on a screen (in case it was not explicitly disabled by us). Just disregard. It not us but SmugMug who charges for printing and delivery of the printed photos.