How to download all album images in one ZIP file:



Please be aware that size of a ZIP file might be quite big and can cause a lot of your Internet traffic utilisation. Yet it might sufficiently increase load on image hosting service and temporarily slow down access to the images. So please use this feature thorously.


• Go to photos via links on this site.

• Alternatively you can go straight to a photo album on to download a photo you want to download all the photos from

To do that open via direct link or navigate thrhough folders Folder24 until you see the album Album24 you are after:

Fold1 1

Fold2 1

Fold3 1

You click the shortcut to open the album.
Notice "Download All" button on top right corner of the first image on the page:

Down1 1

Click the button. You will be prompted to input your email address. Input the e-mail and click button "SEND EMAIL":

Down2 1

You will be asked to check your email:

Down2 2

Open your email inbox folder and find the email sent from SmugMug. Open the email and open the verification link:

Down3 1

You will see "Thanks for Verifying" screen similar to the one below:

Down4 1

In a few minutes after that you will recieve another email ("your files are ready"):

Down5 1

Open this email. And open the link provided:

Down6 1

The link will open a download menu. Check the download file size to make sure you are comfortable with the download.

After the check click button "Save File":

Down7 1

 As soon as the download process is completed all images from the album are stored on your PC in the downloaded ZIP file.



Eleanor hereby grants permission to download and share her photos and to use the photos for all kinds of personal, family and community needs. All photos are available in several sizes – Small, Medium, Large, X1L, X2L, X3L and Original.


Please don't be fooled by a "BUY" button which might incidently appear on a screen (in case it was not explicitly disabled by us). Just disregard. It not us but SmugMug who charges for printing and delivery of the printed photos.

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